My experience with Rebecca was extraordinary. I received her services for my second child. I did not have a doula with my first one and I wanted to have more emotional support during my journey and my delivery. I immediately liked Rebecca when I met her and it was so obvious to me that she loved her job and she was very passionate about it. She was immensely supportive during the last weeks of pregnancy, and was always available, with love and compassion. She met my family and was a great team with my husband during labor, she was very supportive and warm. She was available at any time and was there for us. During labor she offered great wisdom, love and emotional support, it was great to have her. I felt so grateful to have such support and love during labor. I strongly recommend her services and support during your labor, it makes a big difference to have a Doula in your journey, especially if you have Rebecca in your life.

Sylvia & Robert

We had a doula fall through at the vert last minute (my baby was overdue). Rebecca was able to step in and support us with very little notice. Due to this I was in active labor by the time we met in person and she felt like my savior when she came in to the delivery room. I was instantly comfortable with her and she seemed to read my mind as to what I needed.  She was very intuitive throughout my labor (which was awesome since I could only use monosyllables) and knew exactly what would help me make it through a very difficult labor during which I had to have Pitocin. She was warm, personable, and extremely helpful. She came to our house for a follow-up postpartum visit and it was great to have her as a resource. She is an amazing doula and I highly recommend her to anyone. If I ever have another baby I will definitely plan to have her as a doula again, this time making sure it is all arranged ahead of time. She was an invaluable part of my birth experience.

Erin & Julien

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Rebecca! She was our doula for the birth of our first child so the experience was new and unknown. Rebecca helped to make the entire process calm and positive which was very important to me and my husband. She was extremely knowledgeable which helped me to feel empowered and ultimately enabled me to request what I needed from the nurses and doctors. Her techniques to control for pain really helped me to work through contractions longer than I ever expected I could. She also gave such clear direction during the actual delivery which helped me to stay focused and strong. Both my husband and mother were with me during the birth and they both felt that having Rebecca there was so helpful not only for me but for their own reassurance and knowledge. I look back on that day and have nothing but great memories and that is all thanks to Rebecca’s support and advocacy - we couldn’t have done it without her! Thank you Rebecca!

Stephanie & James

I opted to not have a Doula with my first child. I had a c-section because my daughter was breech. I wish I had researched more and had a doula then. This time around I didn’t want to make the same mistake, I did a lot of research on how a doula would help, and read that they can be very helpful in having a successful vbac. I wanted to give it a try.
My water broke during a snow storm, we made our way to the hospital and I was told whenever I was ready the nurse would call in my doula. I couldn’t wait to meet her and get her help.
Finally Rebecca came in, right from the beginnng I knew we would remain in touch and friends for life.
She was welcoming, friendly and ready to get to work in making me feel as comfortable and pain free as possible. She kept me hydrated and gave the best massages (which helped to get me through contractions). We walked the hallways, which I wanted to do as much as I could. We had great conversations which made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. She gave me information and advice and made me feel powerful to get through whatever labor was going to be. I was terrified going in to it but with the support of my loving husband and the love, advice and support of Rebecca I was able to have a successful vbac 18 hours after my water broke. Rebecca was informative and supportive in everything, and I would recommend her Doula services to anyone, in any situation, I can’ thank her enough. We will keep in touch and she will see our daughter grow up.
Thank you Rebecca, keep up the amazing work you do. It’s your calling and you are amazing at it.


Rebecca was a relaxed yet strong presence during the birth of my daughter in November of 2017 – exactly what I needed!  She was open and completely no judgemental of any wishes I had and did her best to educate me of my options while allowing my husband and I to decide what was best for us.  She was personable and very easy to get along with.
My plan for birth was to do so naturally, and while the time came when I was in labor where I questioned my plan and wanted an epidural, Rebecca stood by me, strong and reassuring and I was able to push through and proceed without one.  I can honeslty say that I could have not done it without her there by my side caoching me through it and offering encouraging words the whole time.  She also had many tricks up her sleeve to increase comfort during labor that I would have otherwise not had the opportunity to try – various positions, walking around, and using a warm bath just to name a few. I highly recommend Rebecca!


Rebecca Greenberg, Certified Doula

Postpartum Services & Newborn Education

Hamden, CT 06518



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